Wednesday, March 3, 2010

No Idea what to write

hello there,

Its been a long while since I've written a proper post. It sucks to not be able to update at work because sime_employee network have blocked of signing into Blogspot. I can view blogs but I cant sign in.

several happenings:

1. I'm no longer a scientist as I'm now a full fledged administrator at work. You may have noticed the description of myself at the side of my blog different. So you cant go around telling your friends that you have a friend who's a scientist hurhuhrhruhur whateva wasnt all what it was cracked up to be.

2. Plans for my office to relocate to Dengkil (thats near LCC Terminal for those geographically challenged) has gone down the drain. Ah well, that means I wont be travelling 130 km per day post completion of building.

3. Office will remain where it is for the time being.

4. Meanwhile big Brother just offered me Rm 55k for his 4 year old superbike. Hmmm tempting tempting.

5. Made some friends lost some friends. Ah well cest la vie.

6. Interestingly I lost 3 kilos since I started yoga 5 months ago although my eating habits havent actually changed much. During the first 2 months my weight fluctuated like mad due to water loss and uptake. But so far so good.
The thing I'm pleased most with after 5 months of sweating it out:

You know how you drive and when at a junction or to change lanes you turn your head and look back to see if theres anything coming
(well I know most of you Malaysians dont, oooOOooo score 1 for me booyah!) sometimes I'll sprain a muscle near my neck and my whole day would be ru-ined. These days I can turn my neck safely and I can feel a muscle along the side of the neck supporting it. I also feel alot better around the shoulder area and dont need them "massaged" back into place so much.

Well thats all for today's updates.

Catcha soon

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