Monday, February 15, 2010

My fav wild animal. Well the one I petted seemed tame to me.

This is Indira.
This is Indira's sister, Khali. She's happily perched up there, goodness knows how she balanced herself to get there.

Dont let the photo perspective deceive you, she's huge!
Sisters Indira and Khali heard food coming ( I'm not the food)

The super adorable Khan. When we arrived at his den he chuffed. A chuff is a tiger's way of greeting someone or another friendly tiger.

He just drank and drank the milk that we gave him. Khan is a Royal White tiger. Notice how his stripes are coffee coloured and not black? That distiguishes him from non-royalty. LOL. If you touch a tigers fur, its really soft unlike the fur on a lion.
He let out a massive burp.
*aaah so full*

White tigers are not albinos contrary to some beliefs. They are simply blondes of the tiger world. As you may know, the blond hair gene is a mutation in humans and likewise with tigers, if a white mates with an orange, the resulting offspring will most likely be orange. Almost all white tigers have blue eyes.

This is Shikana, she's a gorgeous Bengal tiger
She's yawning, not roaring.

This is Tygo. Hunky.

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