Sunday, August 23, 2009 know you're sitting in an italian.

..when the car completely envelopes you in supple napa leather, the dashboard isn't a plethora of buttons and doodackies. There are no satnavs or in your face LCD monitors to take away the driving pleasure. Your legs somehow manage to squeeze in and your knees within a fraction of an inch to touching the dash.
Sitting in the back offers less legroom and headroom particularly for the 6 footers. You see, Italians aren't a very tall bunch of people so Malaysians would feel quite at home in this car.

The centre console is angled towards the driver in typical Italian style. The turning indicators levers and cruise control sticks exude more class than a bowl of caviar in a posh French restaurant. The gear lever looks at you inviting you to take the car to its limits while shouting out the window at the man driving a Japanese car "You've boughta de wrong car!".

Overall the cabin is certainly a warm place to be in and you would use just about any excuse to drive it, even to the local pub 7-11.

more later...

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