Monday, August 17, 2009

You dont look so good yourself...

If I am fatter than before, I know.

If I am carrying a 12 kilo baby, I know.

If my face is rounder than it was 2 years ago, I fucking know!

I dont need YOU to tell me I'm fatter than before.
I dont need YOU to tell me that I am happy and work is good to me.
Because it certainly is NOT. Stress will only make me gain weight. Stress makes me eat more.

If you think I'm one of those chauvenistic men who assume they are in shape, big belly and unkept hair and that I demand that my ladies and girlfriends MUST NOT WEIGH MORE THAN 45 kilos, then you are WRONG.
If I think they look great, i tell them.
If I think they look shabby and fat and bloated from water retention, its not for me to say. I freaking shut the hell up.

If you really need my opinion, you could do with a few minutes on the treadmill everyday yourself. Then throw out a couple of toxins in Bikram Yoga's Hot room (hurhurhurhur direct plugging here). Then you can put down that freaking fork.

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