Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sweet escape 4

After exploring Sentosa Island, we had no choice but to proceed back to Kuala Lumpur as we were running out of time.
The drive back was pleasant, hot as expected and passing only 1 minor shower. Instead of going straight to our hotel, we had a scrumptious Thai dinner at Chakri Palace KLCC. The food is so good there you can only define Chakri Palace as exquisite.

What was served?
Pad Thai,
Maeang Kam (condiments you choose yourself and wrap them around a leaf , cant remember what tree the leaf is from)
Pandan wrapped chicken
Yellow Curry chicken
Red ruby for dessert.

After dinner we walked around KLCC but regretted not taking photos at the park.
Driving back to the hotel was tiring (but the hotel was chosen due to its proximity to the LCCT airport) and after checking in, I practically passed out from all the driving that day.

Just how close was the airport from the hotel? Semi-walking distance. LOL
Think about it, the flight was at 8.15am. I woke up at 6.30am.

Shower, get ready, walk, check-in. WWAKAKAKAKAK. If I had stayed at home I would need to have woken up at 5am to get all the way to the airport on time.
Boarded flight but disappointed as local Air Asia flights don’t have as many SYT’s as their international flights. MUAHAHAHAHAH.

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