Monday, June 29, 2009


Sick and tired of fucking pieces of shit on the road.
This time fucking retarted malay boys on the motorcycle lanes are what are really grinding my gears.

Imagine a small motorcycle lane. Right hand side motorcycles are about to exit to go to Sunway. Since the exit is even more narrow, the bikes naturally slow down and we get a "queue". The crowding makes it difficult to see what are beyond those motorbikes. But what does it matter, all you need to do is stick to the left to keep going right? Read on.

A motorcycle (..malay retard rider with his minah girlfriend) ENTERS the motorcycle lane. YOU CANNOT ENTER AN EXIT!


HE ENTERS NOT PARALLEL TO US, BUT OPPOSITE. So obviously to go the right way he was to turn. Yes, he does so, ignoring me. Cutting off my left lane and giving me no space.

1. Its wet
2. I'm going at 60 kmph.
3. I am going to die or at least break my neck falling into the drain from skidding.

But did not as you can already tell.

FUCKING ASSHOLE. I turned my head around giving him the "WHAT THE FUCK? gesture" (no not the middle finger but the 5 fingers shaped like "i wanna eat" gesture.

I saw his face and all he could afford was a grin like a retarded donkey on crack.

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