Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sweet Escape Part 3

The next day we decided to walk a little and find the majestic Merlion on the Island of Sentosa. Err....Sentosa is a little bit far from our hotel so we took the MRT but turns out the harbour was just 2 stops away. Aiya.

Someone had fun watching the office ladies go by.
No photos for that.

We found the cable car building that takes us out onto Sentosa Island. The view would have been great if not for the hidious construction taking place on the Island.

[pic to go here]

Once again we didnt have much time to spend so we made the most of it by taking photos near the fountains, the flowers (as well as the fake flowers). There were rides to go on, no not real ones but simulations. One of the rides however, broke down 3 times before it finally decided to run properly!

a) The ride will not work if someone had taken off their seatbelt. (hmmm more cars should have this technology)

b) the ride will not work as one of the "cars" was faulty and must not have any passengers on board.

All in all it was a good day. My favourite bit was taking candid shots of The Gf doing silly things. Of course those photos are tucked away in my computer as I will be killed on sight if I even think of posting them here. =p

Here I am goofing around outside the steps to the Merlion.

This will be my facebook profile photo

More photos when I have more time.

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