Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sweet Escape part 1.5

I just realised I lost a day while posting my Sweet Escape series.

My gf and I woke up early on a Sunday morning (ppftt well, early enough for me anyway)
and we drove to Sime Darby Convention Centre Mount Kiara.
Here I gave my Gf her first lesson in driving a manual car.

The convention centre has a fairly empty car park particularly on a Sunday. hey, if you were there that day and you saw a red car with stripes going round and round that was me! *wavess*

I tought her how to use the manual transmission because over in New Zealand, you can use any car you like to take the drivers test. Ideally, Malaysians if given a choice would surely use an automatic but no, in Malaysia we have to use silly manual Perodua's for the examination.

Okay okay mission successful although we only had time to use 1st and 2nd gear and no time to go on the real road. (hehehe I think i was too terrified anyway)

My gf was starving after about 1 hour of lessons and we plonked ourselves in Sri Hartamas for breakfast. Delicious Tosai, bryani with honey chicken and maggi goreng. I swear we were eating for 3 people.

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