Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bits and bobs


Sunderland, Middlesboro and Newcastle threaten to sue united if they play a weaker side against Hull this weekend.
(source: The Star newspaper)

Why are these teams being sore losers? If the whole season you've been playing like crap, dont take it out on the big guns. Man united are just 6 days away from the Champions League final, they cannot afford to injure rooney, ronaldo and gang.

who are they to judge who are Man U's weaker side? If Rooney and Ronaldo play upfront but still lose? You still go down.


In other news

there is a really fat cat hanging around my house lately. It sleeps under the cars huhuhuhu and if you awaken it, it'll run as quick as its legs can carry its fat ass. heheheh so cute.


I have decided not to change cars as not many cars are as good as my Satria Neo. You read that properly. Give me a new car (same category) thats better than the Satria Neo and I can tell you you chose a Mini Cooper (base line model). Sure it costs Rm 140 000. Go ahead and buy one if you have the money.


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