Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Double take

As I sat outside Shah Alam Convention Center Mall watching the mall patrons walk by, I sat waiting for my friend to arrive. Its nice to see store promoters having little romantic walks on their breaks with the next door restaurant waiter, hardly an uncommon sight. Its really amazing how matches are made in malls. (wtf)

I waited for my friend for quite some time but just thinking about the days events while ideas of my future flowed. In the corner of my eye, about 30 yards away I saw an elegant woman walking across the road.

She was dressed really well so perhaps she was there for an evening of window shopping. She wore a knee length cloudy gray skirt paired with a small black top accentuating her curves. Her shoes were of a simple design, but complemented her slender figure. Her hair bounced with her each step tickling the back of her neck as where it stopped flowing. Soft blond highlights gave her hair extra character.
She looked quite magnificent.

I have always admired a gorgeous lady in corporate working attire. Something about the style they exude, the air of confidence about them is quite attractive.

I returned to thoughts in my mind contemplating my future. But my instincts told me to glance at the woman again.

She was my friend.


I have to start making sure I dont check out people I already know.

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