Sunday, March 8, 2009

A mass produced chopper bike?? hmmm contradicting.

This is the new 2010 Honda Fury. A chopper but will Honda mass produce it?

A chopper is a motorbike created from scratch. The word comes from "chop shop". Chop shops are shops that store parts from old motorbikes that were too old to be used/junk. Hence parts are scavenged and reused to make a new motorbike and we call them Choppers. But nowadays parts are new and can be made/modified by hand quite easily as long as you have the right tools.
Therefore these motorbikes are one of a kind as the design possibilities are endless. A mass produced chopper is a little bit contradictory.

The motorcar equivalent is called a Hotrod. Again, each hotrod is unique and are not mass produced. Highly skilled mechanics show of their fabrication skills by entering their masterpiece creations in competitions.

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