Monday, February 2, 2009

Was there something I wanted to say?

....not much. But anything is better than nothing. (Sometimes if you're about to say something stupid, better not say anything at all)

Ive been good for the past ....31 days. My new years resolution for this year was to only club 13-14 days after a clubbing session.
If I clubbed 1st Feb
then the next session will be 13th or 14th.


1. Clubbing isn't cheap. I pay for what I enjoy. Its the only way to be satisfied.
I don't like taking, I prefer to give whenever possible. So more often than not, I hate to be a burden to anyone else, hence, I carry it all on my shoulders.

2. I'm 1 out of 3 who don't drink. Yet, I find that usually I'm the one who ends up driving. Its very much against my principles to drive everywhere hence I've made it a point to try and say no most of the time. But it doesnt work (read point number 1).

3. Clubbing might just fall on a weekday and I really don't want that happening because I will feel really shitty the next day. Not because I feel sleepy (I can cure sleep depravity with 2 tins of red bull quite easily) but because I feel guilty that I end up at work the next day sitting at my desk with a shitty job.
Being a scientist in Malaysia is about as glamorous as being a housekeeping maid in Hotel Malaya, many rungs lower than being a Male escort where you actually get paid to make people smile and have fun. Long hours sure, but its input=output. I like.

Lakeside getaway with me ladies?

4. Its really bad for my health. The only club I know of in Malaysia that does not allow indoor smoking is Euphoria Sunway. But ~meh, it isn't as good as Zouk.
Sigh~ I love Zouk, I believe its a special place, but still, second hand smoke is second hand smoke. Its also worse as for me, I dance alot and dancing causes the heart to pump faster therefore I breath more. Great, more tar in my lungs. I wonder if Meguiar's can invent an internal body tar remover.

On a lighter note, I've been getting good business with the detailing that I do. Its enough to earn about 2 sessions worth of clubbing. AND
everytime I detail, I tend to forget to eat, which is good coz I will have loose pants at the end of the day. :D
Its important to me okay? Why? Coz being called fat is not nice. Especially from family and best friends AND from people who hardly know me.


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