Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm been tagged. Pffttt

Uh....dont need to go through the rules laaah.

20 things you did or didnt know about me.

1. My first hand phone and handphone number was a gift from my best buddy. Nokia 8210, 016 340 xxxx

2. I cannot eat my burgers or whateva meal and McD's without eating all my fries first.

3. I cannot walk over a covered man hole. I must avoid it even if the cover looks secure.

4. When I was 14 I wanted the barber to cut my hair like David Beckham's hair. He failed.

5. I dont fear cockroaches, but I will kill on sight.

6. When I was 6, a salesgirl in a pasaraya in Johor thought I was a girl. Shows how pretty I was.

7. I am left handed. But will eat, play table tennis,badminton,bowl, dart with my right hand.

8. I can snowboard with either my right foot forward or my left foot forward. (The natural foot is should always be at the back)

9. See also number 3. I cannot walk over a grated drain. I must avoid the grates.

10. I have been stung by a bee 2 times, bitten by a snake 1 time. Mauled by a bear? ....not yet.

11. I have watched the Star Wars episodes (all of them combined) more than a 70 times.

12. My childhood crush was a girl called Nadia. Both of them.

13. I like RED....beeecaaause my faaders car is RED. (familiar?)

14. Italian, Thai, Northern Indian, Korean, American, Mexican food are my favourite. Oh but kerabu mangga is good too.

15. I love Hayden Panettiere, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne and Carrie Underwood. But still love heavy rock legends Metallica.

16. Some have said I bleed motor oil and that I thought Star Wars was a documentary. (hope i dont get sued for this)

17. What do you call an ox with no wrinkles?
Botox. Thanks Patty.

18. I cant do the asian aaaaaaaiiiikkkkkhhhh ptuuiiiiii!!!! spit.

19. All Michelles and Michelle Tans I know are hot!

20. I onced did bar top dancing in a bar in New Zealand. No just kidding, but just wanted to plant that hideous thought into your head. Bwahahahah.

You have been tagged:

Tan Ching Wuen. :p :p :p

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