Wednesday, January 7, 2009

wednesday blues

Traffic on the federal highway today was gorgeous from 8.15 to 8.30am. From the subang toll leading to the turn off at sunway, cars could not move, why?
Coz of a car stuck on the right side of the highway.
*evil laugh here*

Making matters worse, petrol prices have gone down a whopping 90 cents the past 6 months.
From 2.70/L to 1.8/L.

Now the number of cars on the road have increased 5 fold I bet.

Yeap, petrol goes down, nothing done about public transport, HIGHWAYS get clogged up (no not main roads, not lanes leading to a parking building, but a HIGHWAY)

So number of cars increased by 500% however, i bet that only 30% of those cars carry more than 1 person on the road. Hey i'm guilty of travelling solo as well but at least my vehicle only has 2 wheels and 1 seat.

Here are some thoughts

1) What if there could be an incentive for car pooling?
A car may go through a toll booth for free IF there is more than 1 passenger. Yes yes babies included.
So bring your babies to work people!

2) Special parking slots available for those who car pool.
Those who arrive to work with more than 1 person in the vehicle gets the privillege of a ready parking spot. (wait a minute, i think Digi already has this)

NOW WAKE UP! (splash cold water)

It wont happen because this is MALAYSIA lahhhh!!

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