Thursday, January 15, 2009

Review: Meguiars Car shampoo line

After more than a year of detailing experience with these products, I will do a little review.
You see I use Meguiar's to detail my car, I dont like cheap, and I expect the best for my car.

First up is the consumer line

Gold class shampoo and conditioner.

This product comes in 3 bottles

473 ml @ Rm 44
1892 ml @ Rm 60
3780 ml @ Rm 120

You may purchase them at Parkson Grand, Eneos Car Centers and ACE Hardware.

If you're someone who washes your car yourself then this is the bottle for you.
To mix, for every 10 ml of shampoo, you'll need exactly 1.28 L of water.

Heres a quick table

10 ml + 1.28 L
30 ml + 3.84 L
50 ml + 6.4 L
100 ml + 12.8 L

The results are gorgeous as this shampoo is meant for a quick wash if you dont have the time to wax when you're done. After washing, you'll find that most of the water on the car is gone so you save time drying the car.
My rating


This shampoo is from the meguiars professional line up. You'll see why.

It comes in just 1 bottle and can be purchased at just 1 place, Hypercoat Subang Jaya USJ 1

3780 ml @ Rm 160

To use it, mix 10 ml of shampoo with exactly 4 L of water. Yes, you read it correctly.
10 ml + 4 L!!!!!
Heres a table

10 ml + 4 L
30 ml + 12 L
50 ml + 20 L
100 ml + 40 L

Just for reference a mini cooper requires only about 20 L of water to wash.

You can see here that this shampoo is highly economical.

Assuming you wash the car everyweek,
and you use 50 ml each time
you get to use this bottle for he next 1.45 years!!!

Unlike the Gold Class, this one doesnt have conditioners. So it does basically just one thing, wash.
Be sure to top up your work with an LSP (Last step product) like Meguiars Tech Wax.
However I find that it doesnt dry as quickly as the gold class.

My rate 9/10

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