Thursday, January 8, 2009

Long rant

There is no cure for stupidity.

I read a comment in the Star Newspaper, the column where readers may send in an SMS and complain about this and that. One of them was
"Malaysian drivers are fools"

I cannot even stress how true that is. To make this easier, I shall put gripes in bullet point:

1. While driving, stuck in a traffic jam, I remain in the left lane (there're 3 lanes in total)
and some dude in a wira comes up behind me from the left of the left lane aka the Emergency Lane.
First of all, emergency lanes are NOT driving lanes.
He then gets impatient and tries to use it but cant. Because I block him from using it. I sit in a queue for 20 minutes and am not about to let some punk overtake selfishly. But he manages to get through.

Then he finds himself at a bottle neck, because his emergency lane ends, therefore he then has to cut into the left lane, causing me to stop otherwise I'll hit him. Fucking retard.

2. Malaysians do not realise that the right lane is for overtaking only. Yet some still hog the right lane at speeds of 80 - 110 kmph. This is cruising speed. If you cruise, use the middle lane. If you go slightly above 110 kmph, USE THE MIDDLE LANE! Rightlane is for OVERTAKING.

3. The largest population of retards are Motorcyclists. Like the main road, the motorcycle lane follows the same code. DO NOT OVERTAKE FROM THE LEFT.

and DO NOT TAILGATE. This poses a threat not only to the idiot, but the person in front of the idiot.

4. You cannot say much about the slow granpas because most of them keep to the left BUT they drive at 40-50 kmph. The motorcycle lane speed limit is 70 kmph. They are being safe for only themselves, it poses a danger to those behind them because we cannot overtake as bikes are coming from behind at 80-90 kmph. HOW LA????? You're stuck behind them.

5. Motorcyclists have no idea where is a safe spot to stop. ooooh he needs to answer an SMS, therefore stops safely at the side of the road. Are you nuts?? Theres barely enough room for 1 bike, you have to now stop at the side. Please stop 20 meteres away from the bike lane you moron.

6. Most Malayians dont know the meaning of the white line at the end of your street. So they will never know the meaning of GIVE WAY. You cannot simply barge into a lane and then treat the lane like your grandads sister's son owns it.

7. Back onto the road, a person tries to overtake a slow vehicle, speeds up naturally, but idiotically approaches the vehicle.

Imagine before overtake, car infront is 20 meters infront of you. Then you speed up and approach the car, now 10 meters. The you try to overtake, but too late, a car on the right is too near, so you cant overtake, meanwhile, car infront of you is now 5 meters.

You = 110 kmph
Car infront 80 kmph.
Distance 5 meters,
It doesnt take a fucking genious to know that you now have to JAM ON THE BRAKES.
Using up unnecessary fuel and brakes.

This is the proper overtaking manouver.
- Back off the throttle (thats accelerator)
-keep about 4 cars behind the car you wanna overtake
-drop gears (if manual) 1second
-look to the right to see got any car or not, and signal same time, ready to step on the gas 1second
- if clear, now step on the gas and make the overtake. 4 seconds
- After overtaking, be sure to signal, and move back into the middle 6 seconds AFTER you've passed the vehicle.

Total time to overtake is 12 seconds.

You dont overtake lasting 1 minute.


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