Friday, January 23, 2009

I have super glue all over my fingers!

It'll take days just to get it all off.

My car bonnet will be repainted soon!
14 days from now to be exact.

You know that ruling the Malaysian RTD has come up with how backseat passengers have to buckle up? My question is, why now?
I mean its 2009,
surely in 1999 they would have thought of this. Still my mom says it will take awhile for people to get used to this ruling. The front seat belts were not fully utilised for at least 10 years after the ruling was established.

I'm riding my bike everyday to and from work. Since I'm perched higher up than cars, I can clearly see what goes on in those 4 wheel vehicles. Of the cars that are carrying passengers at the back, 8/10 dont buckle up back there. And more astonishing, I see kids aged 6-10 running around (or in this case climbing around in the back seat) while their parents just drive without care for whats going on.

Le sigh.

I have an 11 year old niece. And I'm proud to say she buckles up at the back without you asking her too. She's also one of the best behaved primary school kids around. *BEAMS*

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