Tuesday, December 9, 2008

---by the fireplace---
The fire crackled softly in the background. Dimly lit candles adorned the walls. Shadows flickered adding a sense of brooding to the thick tension in the room.

"But you know, we could keep it a secret." His words came out trembling. He wanted her more that anything in the world. But he also knew that as powerful as he was, he couldnt make her change her mind. He admired the fact that even without the the ability of the force her willpower was stronger than his.

"Then we would be living a lie. Could you live like that Anakin? Could you?" She resisted the urge to let that tear fall from her eye. She had to be strong. But strangely enough she feared him. Feared for him.

He mustered all his strength, all the training he had in the force to keep his voice calm. "You're right, it would destroy us." His words seemed to reverberate in the room, propelled by the power of the force. Somewhere in the deep abyss of his mind, he was screaming. A blast of force energy that could not be released but only to build up and added to the turmoil in his chest.

Her feelings for him were intense but like the flames in the fireplace, her love would also cast an unknown shadow of darkness. She cried silently the remainder of that night.
by Junaidi Aminuddin

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