Sunday, October 5, 2008

Raya Day 2

This is my cousins daugther....i.e...she's my was the end of the day....and as you can see, she decided to drop dead gorgeous. zzzzzzzzzzzz
Clockwise (lady in blue) :
My aunt (Kamaliah),
my cousin (Kamal Shah),
Kamaliahs husband (Shahril),
in green my mom,
in white top, red sampin Cuz (Reza)
In red: Reza's wife and daughter
And in white: Cuz (Amir)

This was another family that came over. The dad is a friend of my dad. But I've never met them before. Twas nice meeting them. ahem ahem
Look for girl in black....
Girl in black....

Gosh the girl in black is so hooooooooooot....cannot describe. Shame I didnt get her name.

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