Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Detailing a white Perodua MyVi

The trouble with white cars is that you have to work twice as hard because you can hardly see what you just did or did not do. White will always be white. Sigh
The owner went to the shop and paid like Rm 450 for some paint protection system. They claimed they put like 3 layers of that stuff. great...they didnt remove all dirt on the paint 1st. So now you have dirt stuck in the paint thats hard to get rid of. You have to wait till the protection system wears out. ppfffttt

I like those pumpkins.

Owner moved just before the shutter snapped.

I had to wash it 3 times due to the build up 3 month old dust. Luckily the owner doesnt drive through mud.

See? Those streaks are from not washing the car enough. Black streaks of dirt drip down when the car is wet from the rain. It gets to a point where they cant be removed easily.
Some spots where the owner scratched her car.


*Note to self : invest in a better camera

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