Sunday, August 24, 2008


I'm taking half-day leave on the 29th August.
No i'm not going to Avril's concert coz i have no money and no one to go with.
But thats okay coz i'm meeting up with Avril after the show anyway for some fun.

But I have a detailing job to do that day so I'll be in Shah Alam at about 3pm till 8 pm.

A convo that took place at work

Shirley: Jun! when you taking leave this month?
Jun: 29th August, half day.
Shirley: what? why half day? Wasted la.
Jun: Because I have 14.5 days left. I dont like 0.5. I like rounded numbers.
Shirley: HHAHAH wokay. But nevermind, just go for the whole day la. Dont worry, we wont tell. Its between you and god.

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