Monday, July 7, 2008

My weekend

All went well except Saturday night.

I was so exhausted from the days activities...(buying gloves, watching movie with parents bla bla bla) and was supposed to go to Bangsar with Kai Lin but simply did not have the energy to go out. So instead I washed my car.

After every 2 or 3 months, I will wash the underside of the wheel fenders. This means I have to get the jack, and lift up the car so I can get at the fenders. Its not so much tiring, but its the tediousness of it all. Still, I do it for the passion.

After washing the underside of the right-front wheel, I got up and wanted to grab the hose to rinse off the soap.

(Some houses use cement driveways, some houses use tiles, my house we use slate. Slate is a very brittle material even a 5 yo child can break.)

A piece of slate had broken off and its not a big piece but a small piece about the size of a large paper clip . BUT, size matters not, the piece had the thickness of a kitchen knife! The piece interestingly (don't ask me how it got there) was jutting out of my slippers. When I wash the rims and all I sit on this sponge and the position causes my slippers to come off. This is perhaps how the broken piece got there.

Guess la what happened as I put my foot in my slipper.
[insert the sound made when something pokes your foot]

I peered at the sole of my foot and yes, a piece of slate had bored about 1 cm deep into my left foot.


1. I cannot look at black blood as I will go into shock. Which doesn't happen till about 5 minutes. (lol talk about lag)

2. I hop scotched to the nearest bathroom and washed my foot. Rusty water spurted out. @$#^#&@& FUCK

Ok at least I got the dusty bits out. I called out to my dad to get the First aid kit. Not enough gause, not enough dettol, not enough band aid. >_< " " "

By this time my chest was pounding in my ears as i knew I was gonna turn into The Hulk
go into shock. Cold sweat poured out as did the blood from my foot.

Kinda weird seeing your own footprints in scarlet all along the marble floor. My dad helped me with the cotton swab and the dettol which oddly didn't hurt me when it was applied. The sky was some kinda blur of stars and colors, my head was down, my legs were up, entah la.

So I lay on the floor instead while trying to regain stability, yes blood still pouring out. Soon it stopped and band aid was secured.

I got up, hobbled along, ....and lowered my car as I didnt want to leave it sitting on the jack.



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