Friday, July 11, 2008

Have I mentioned I love Korean girls?

Not that I would want to date one. They are really high maintenance.

From the 10-12th July is the Malaysia International Food and Beverage exhibition held at PWTC. My booth was pretty boring as SDTC only starting to produce padi. one eats padi...they eat rice. So we only displayed how we grow the padi and how they look like at different stages of growth.

The stall next to us belonged to Sime Fresh. This is our sister company and they specialise in growing butterhead lettuce, corn, they make sambal and produce it under Sunbeam brand.

*promote* SUNBEAM *promote*
available at Tesco and Cold Storage.

Huhuhuh I found myself bored at times so I visited the Korean booths. Gosh I never thought I would like to drink vinegar but pomegranite vinegar tea tasted so good! I had a couple of samples to try. Hehehe at times I found myself conversing in Korean with the cute cute ladies too. And I learned a new word

Bajiseyo! (which means "its delicious")
heheheh the korean lady replied "Sedap?"

I later thanked her and said "kamsa hamnida"
She said "sama sama"

weheeeeeeheheehehehe I love Koreans.

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