Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wow really mature. (Taken form another blog.)

how old are you again Mr Jason

balls man,here am i at a Klang..(klang sux).darn i woke up at 9 coz its suppose to have a Lancer Owners gathering and alot more at Shah Alam, and guess wad.its starts at ten n i got there ten thirty..and ther's no sign of any of em..i decided "ok what the hell go ronda2 at stadium shah alam" and shit.i saw some lancers lost too..then nevermind..saw Honda Owners Group..they and their sissy gay Vtec cucuk me..bagero..then few more Kancil/L2/L5 team's , Mitsubitchie Galant n Evo Team and of coz..Those wusses on Mini's driving like they own the damn road..ok..its a Mini,antique.but..hell man..they drive punya hand..then come to corner tengah melancap..sohai man those fags!..after all that bullshit it went thru..i got stuck in a jam...GREAT! They're havin sum kindo of event n shit..knowing those malay fucks..buat jalan cam bapak diaorang punye..babi man..feel like throwing pork around the area..
Now here i CS with kids,n bloggin my ass..darN!
But puas hati la..tinggal those Vtec n dam free arr cucuk me..petrol naik la..sum cucuk then they respect..this few dudes cucuk then when kena tinggal the pandang slack..kukuciao man..someone tell them to grow a dick can annot..stop being a pussy...aite. i think thats all fo' now..i gotta release my rage in Need For Speed..hahaha! Cheers! =)

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