Tuesday, June 3, 2008

this is what/how the Halogen lamp iluminates

gaaaah , thats how bright it was. The camera automatically dims or doesn't-allow-that-much light to enter the lens. oh well, duh its 500 W. I shall get 150 w or 300 w bulbs next time.
I also tested this one by shining it onto my car. Instantly the surface became hot. fuuuyooohh.

hehehehe *laughs with glee*

Sin yee:
to answer your question, this lamp is used to illuminate the surface of my car when I do my "work".
1. I'd prefer to work at night as it is cooler.
2 .But of course at night you cant see anything!

This lamp allows you to see paint defects such as minor scratches that I wish to remove. Of course it wont make EVERY defect visible but it helps. I'm still studying the reasoning why a halogen lamp works better than an incandescent tungsten lamp.

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