Friday, June 6, 2008

some shocking events

Monday 2nd June

Sime Darby Research Center organised an RnD Day in Carey Island. BIG event!!!
Big big shots were coming and therefore, we had to be dressed in our best and arrive as early as possible. how early ? 7.30am. kepala hotak kau! Just because big big Senior Vice President was going to be there at 7.30 am, you think we gonna be so rajin to wake up that early?

fat chance.

The event suppose to start at 8.30 am, but Jln kebun (my place) is really really congested that early in the morning. blegh....we only got there at 8.40 am. Decided to leave early at 4.30 pm hehehehe when it was supposed to end at 5.30.

Got home and rested but whadda heck! my sister-in-law called and said her house has been broken into. My brother was all the way in Terengganu and so sleeping in the house alone was the last thing on her mind. She and her maid were'nt brave enough so they called me to ask if I could stay over. fine.

the cops came at about 11 pm and investigated. Lets see, about 98 thousand worth of stuff stolen. The robbers must have injured themselves on the glass window that they cut open. So they left some blood stains on the niece's t-shirts. They also took their time to have a drink of water from their own BOTTLE. AND..left the bottle there. Not too professional.


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