Monday, June 16, 2008

My friday

I had a party on the 12th of June, a few days in advance of my birthday. Lets just say it was an explosive night and we only got home (oh well I got home) at 5.15 AM. jeeesh

so I ended up with only 2 hours of sleep. 7.30 AM off to work already. Wasnt so bad, just a little sleepy. (amazing)(thanks to one of my readers, I have been able to rely on just 2 hours of sleep)
But there was this report by Senior Vice President 2 at Sime Darby Convention Center at 3.30 pm and all of the ppl at work had to go. Gosh all throughout his presentation I was nodding my head off. Hahahahah yes yes I agree with you, nod nod. ....nod. LOL

Finally at 6.30pm I could leave and go to my brothers house. Just my family, my sister in laws family and 1 of her uncles had a little majlis doa selamat. (similar to Thanks giving). mY gawd the food he bought was sooo good.
Roti jala (kekekeke are you reading this?),
bryani Ishmail,
kuih pelita,
kuih bakar,
ayam madu,
rendang meat.
PUTU MAYAM! (its been years since I've had this).

Finally my fam went home and as I hit my head on my pillow, I passed out till 10.30 the next day. huhauhauhauahua

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