Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kinabalu 3

June 19

-wookay, I wake up at 1.45 am and quickly cooked some maggi. (alaaa kasik alas perut je)
-grab on as many clothes as possible and meet up with our guide. Time to go. THis is the point where you climb the last 2 km. ....2 km seems short....or is it?

-its dark outside with only the moon and our torches to guide us. See the beauty about climbing in the dark is that you don't really see what you are doing, so you don't get distracted by tall rocks and steps. But nevertheless I found it really difficult as I had trouble breathing. I guess even at very high lung capacity I find it difficult, I cant imagine how a smoker would feel.

-Its already 5 am and I'm only at 7 km. waaaaat?? I took 2 1/2 hours just to climb 1 km. ffffffffttttttt
-okay thats sad

-again Pat and Tom took off like rockets. I'm glad they did. This is their 1st time up the mountain and I dont want them to miss the sunrise.

-#%@#^&#%&*%# giler babi penat and giler babi tak leh nafas and giler babi lagi jauh. I took a really long time to get to the peak
-the sun is already visible beyond the clouds. I'm nowhere near the peak. fffttttt

-Rejoyce! Its 7.20 am and I'm ALMOST there. Pat and tom had been camwhoring for ages. Thats alright, finally I meet them at 7.30 am

-We lepak at the peak for about 10 minutes, then had to make our way down. So down we go, and wait a minute...isnt it easier coming down?
-its not so hard on the breathing, but its not easy on our muscles! Imagine going downhill in Genting, you have to brake brake brake. Same here, we use our calve muscles and quad muscles to brake.

-we reach Gunting Lagadan at 10.15 am and pack our bags and quickly go and grab breakfast.
-we practically ate everything we could, even the air around us. Tom was starting to get sleepy so before I muscles freeze, we may as well make our way down the mountain.

-12 NOON, time to go.

-walking down was a PITA, it rained, mud everywhere, cold, legs tired.
-yes as darling Sin Yee said "you should just run down man, hop hop hop, faster go go go! Dont care about the muscles, you rather be down at the foot of the mountain as early as possible. So you can relax and go and enjoy spa, or hot springs or something."

I agree.
But it didnt happen. We got down at 5 pm. ......#$%@%@^^

-tak pelah, we managed to be in KK by 7.30 pm, time for us to shower and get ready for dinner.

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