Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kinabalu 2

June 18th

-*yawn* Had a really good sleep at the lodge. Quickly grabbed some breakfast and head towards the National Park entrance. Here we must register as climbers and get our climbing tags and meet our mountain guide, his name is Antonius.

-off we go to Timpohon gate via bus. This is where the climb officially starts so hiho hiho hiho we go. -9.15 am

Let me describe the climb first. As you may know, Kinabalu is 4095m tall. But this is the height of the mountain, not the distance to get to the top. The distance to the peak is 8 km.

-the first 2-3 km is mostly jungle, very humid, lots of trees and roots everywhere with mud all around. At this point I sweat like a piggy boo.

-then at 3-6 km, its starts to get cooler, the body doesnt sweat as much, but our breaths start to get more rapid, and our legs start to really tire. But hurrah, at 6 km, we rest at a place called Laban Rata. This is a mini lodge where climbers rest for the night.
-There is generally no warm water, so you cant shower and there is also not much heating. So when you go to sleep you need to wear all the clothing that you brought up the mountain.

Pat and Tom get to Laban Rata at 4.15 pm, me still lagging a bit due to my lack of fitness and so I reach at 4.40 pm.

-at this point we all were really starving so have dinner at 5pm and then after dinner walk abit to our other hut which is called Gunting Lagadan. here we sleep for the night to wake up at 2 am.


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