Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm back baby!! Long post

I'm back from my mission to KK and it was successful. In my last post I mentioned I will be meeting an old friend and if you guessed correctly, that old friend is none other than Mount Kinabalu. Hurraahh!!! I made it (barely) for the 3rd time!
Many thanks to Tom and Pat for giving me encouragement to keep up. LOL honestly I couldn't have done it without you guys.


-17th June.
After failing to go mamak with the guys because some ppl cancel plans the last minute, I go home and get some sleep. At frikkin 3.30 am I wake up and get ready to go to the airport.

-Picked up Tom and Pat on the way and made our way to LCCT. We made it about 80 minutes before flight boarding.

-On the flight the 1st thing we noticed was this gorgeous stewardess by the name of Reni. Gosh, her face had a few scars but my gawd her curves, her smile, her hair, her eyes (fake) were just so scrumptious. bwahahahahah.

-Another Flight attendant by the name of Veronica was just as sweet looking but her curves could beat the curvy roads to Cameron Highlands. drool...this one I like....not sure why.

-I went to the lavoratory and as I came out, Veronica caught me and started chatting with me and she knew my name. (ooooh at this point my spider senses were tingling)

-So we chatted a bit more and I found out she's half white....(so no wonder I like her...kekekek)
I introduced her to Thomas and again she said "aaahh so this is Mr Yap. (again my spider senses set off a few bells)

-back in our seats, the captain made an announcement...."today is a special day, a passenger on seat 12E is having his birthday today....and we would like him to come forward and receive a token of appreciation"

me: "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh (like jakun)"

yaaayy I got a special Air Asia Cap with the crew's signatures on it. hehehehehehe I shook the crews hands (yes ALL of them) and Thomas helped me take photos with them.

-time to touch down and managed to grab a photo with Veronica. (but camera tak bagus and most of the green, red and blue colours only came out)

-oh well, we bid the crew farewell and set off to KK town via taxi. Rm20 to get to town. A bit expensive but worth it and thehe cab driver was funny and nice. Thomas asking lots of questions and me admiring gorgeous sabah sumandak left and right.

Thomas: (passing a unique looking building). *points to building* Ini apa?
Cab driver: Itu bangunan bah.


-Reached city and put our bags down at our Backpackers (Kinabalu Backpackers Lodge) and set on foot to town for some food.

-Walked around the city and found great little shops and markets and waterfront pubs (lol)
-met up with Toms' contacts and managed to find the bus stop that has busses going to Kundasang (thats where the mountain is)

-The bus ride was cramped but pleasant (Rm15/head)

-In Kundasang we checked into our lodge and passed time by watching Tv and playing cards "Arsehole" (Bastards to us Kiwis)

-Had a huge dinner and drank some beers (me having Sprite)

-Settled in for a good night sleep.

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