Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wtf part 2

I'm sure some one you may be looking for an update on the sex-starved-3some-lovin perverted girl.

stranger: call me okay. my number is 012 375 3033

jun: sure.

(something is not right. i mean, i know there are a heck of alot of horny girls out there, but this?? stranger sex AND incest??? you gotta be kidding?.....my alarms were blaring non stop)
...i decided to sms her instead.

SOme time later in the night

stranger: oh hello handsome. you want threesome ke?

jun: erm..no. Thats you.

stranger: yup, with your brother.

jun: i told you a billion times, forget it la. He's married. hmmm where do you work?

Stranger: So is that your gf on your facebook?

Jun: No, but thats my good friend.

Stranger: hmm.. you have Ess eee exx often?

Jun: er.......I've been single for a very long time. The last time was....$^%&% (not really)

Stranger: OOWHHH??? waaaaah so long?????????

Jun: doesnt matter. So who do you work for?

Stranger: Have you had a 3some before?

Jun: no. Have you?

Stranger: yah many times. Its fun.

Jun: Ic. glad you enjoy it. Which company do you work for again?

Stranger: mumble mumble %%% insurance group.

Jun: oooh ic. never heard of it. *shrug*

Stranger: Do you have a big one?

Jun: erk...dont know really, i guess i've never compared.

Stranger: huuhhh?? But dont you watch porn?

Jun: porn isnt real. By definition they are actors and the job criteria must have large penis.

Stranger: oh yeah. Where do you download porn?

Jun: (okay confirm 95% already this is pondan -tranny 1. keep asking about porn and 2. the voice change already)
I cant tell you where i download. you have to find that out yourself.

Stranger: wheer???? tell la....

Jun: cannot.

to be continued

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