Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saturday 10th May

Alright spent most of the day sleeping, lol i woke up at 12 after two sleepless nights. This dude from the satrianeoclub needed my help around Klang to go look for rims. He wanted to meet up at 12.

Lan: bro, we go around 12 boleh?
Jun: er...too early la bro (coz i'll be fast asleep). How about you call me at 2 then we go. Coz I need to do some stuff at home (which was true, needed to clean the vacuum)
lan: okay bro, at 2 i call you.


3.30 still no word from Lan.
Lan: bro, come we go now. Where to meet ah?
Jun: O.o ...okay, which part of klang do you know?
Lan: nothing
Jun. -_______________- (so i gave him instructions to meet at Berkeley Corner)


Lan: bro? ok i pass the toll already. batu Tiga right?
Jun: ..... no you have to go all the way to Klang, sungai rasah.
Lan: oh ....okay. coming coming...
Jun: (its already 4)


So while waiting for him i went to the bank. Then just outside, two ladies started checking out my car. eeeeeeeee heheheh. These were ladies who worked for some beauty facial spa thingy.
So they started complimenting me and the car. fuah....whats going on man.
Then it clicked when one of them said she was getting one of her own, a dark blue neo. Oooooooooooo NICE!
Then started talking about rims, stripes. Best nyer....

Off to meet Lan.
We drive to Jalan kapar, which took 20 minutes from berkeley Roundabout. Coz of the stupid jam. Normally it takes 5 minutes.
na beh.
took him to some rim shops. He finally got what he wanted. The bitch of a man working there was being damn lan Si. I hate this kind of Klang attitude. Feed him his own cock baru tau. The workers not so bad, but these kind of "managers" are those i hate most.
off to Shah Alam for meeting with Neoclub. Searched everywhere from section 10, to 11 to 9 and to 6 as well. Still cannot find the elusive place. All that I had was a stupid google satellite picture.
took off, went home, time for dinner anyway.


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