Monday, May 12, 2008

Satruday 10th May

In the evening, about 2.30 ish, I decided to drop by this shop in Bukit Kuda, called Cheah Motor.
When i passed by months ago it looked small.
Now its HUGE.
what do they do?
Well they sell motorbikes of course. Not those kapcai ones. Big monstrous fire breathing ones.
I went inside and it was pure 4th Level heaven. (why i say 4tth level is because there are other shops in KL with more bikes, and of course you need a bigger wallet too) But we'll leave that for another day.
At first I didnt want to in case i was tempted, but i proceeded to look at the bigger bikes first. These are not 400 cc or 600 cc or even 800 cc. No, these were the 1200-1400 cc bikes. Ok enough cuci mata time to get real. *smacks self*
A guy working there approached me. Okay one thing about some car or motorbike shops is that you may be served by someone in a black suit,with a nice blue tie, and polished shoes. I dont like these places because if you turned up in a kapchai or kelisa, he'll just look at you and say "who are you?" *hint coughNAZA cough *

But this dude was in his greasy jeans, green tshirt (coz thats the shop uniform) and spoke in that friendly Malaysian accent tone.
I asked him which bike I prefered. (great start, 1 point for him, he never asked me my budget)
So I proceeded to tell him that
a) I'm a beginner. I dont want a bike bigger than 600 cc.
b) I have a tight budget of under Rm 15 k
c) I will be doing office trips instead of long distance.

He immediately pointed in the direction of 3 nice little bikes that would do the job.
1) The Naza Blade 250 -2nd hand Rm 8 k (new price Rm 15k)
2) A yamaha Virago 500 -2nd hand Rm 9-10 k (new price Rm 40 k)
3) Yamaha FZ150i - brand new. yes just came out a few weeks ago. Rm 8 k

I immediately fell inlove with one of them. I wont say which one yet. Maybe the pictures will do the talking.
He knew exactly which one i wanted, coz he read my mind! LOL
His reasoning - well,
1) If theres a brand you can trust, why not go for it,
2) Even one is more powerful, you might not be able to trust a Chinese Brand (*cough Naza cough*)
3) A 500 cc bike is very comfortable and strong, but want a 12 year old bike?

pics later.

the virago i mentioned

The naza blade 250


another virago


*The FZ150 *

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