Monday, April 21, 2008

detailing day : sanding

Kenneth Taping up the front of the Jazz to do a 50/50 comparison.
Ken giving a demo on how to handle the Rotary Buffer.
This is a sample hood to practice on. Here Ken is sanding the surface to make it smoother.
evidence that the hood had been sanded. You can see the marks. thats ok. it will be removed later.
Using the rotary buffer to "buff" out the sand marks. Here he uses a foam pad + M82 (Swirl Free polish cutting level : 2/10) to try and remove the buff marks

Didnt do much: proving that M82 isnt strong enough.
Here is the hood after a couple of rounds of M82,M80 (speed glaze, cutting level 4/10) the M83 (dual action cleaner/polisher, cutting level 6/10)
can you see the difference between left side and right side?? can?
THis is a mirror. WRONG. it is the surface of the sample hood after buffing with M86! cutting level 12/10

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