Wednesday, April 30, 2008


just a recap

1. had a good night last night. but dunno why kena pijak kena tenyek during the day until the end of the night. yup, thats right just hold it in.

2. at 2.30 am buey tahan. Fell asleep just b4 the game started. But woke up around 4 to continue watching the game. Was supposed to sleep early that night around 8 pm.

3. Tried looking for a bday gift for my friend. I got him the Shell Ferrari model cars after searching and searching and searching. Why must they be so limited?? Its only a toy.

4. Had a weird dream about her last night. Haha i was with her in a hotel. For some reason we were quite dressed up. She in a white ball dress with curled hair. Me in.....well i dont know. I dont look at myself in my dreams. Then had Baskin Robins. slluurrppp!! damn it la both of us have bday's in months that dont have 31st. *This also prompted me to look at months that have 31st, But those 31st have to fall on tuesdays. (coz Swenssens got earthquake day on tuesdays) This year, takde.
:(((((( aish. If not can go for ice cream marathon. woop

5. Its been far too long since I've done this one thing. And I really crave it more than anything else. Its like its there for no reason now. But then was told that I probably cant do it well. sigh. Well not like it matters. They wont be of any use for a very long time.

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