Sunday, March 23, 2008

very very random bits and bobs

1. last night just had a drink with Ru and Tom. I called up SY to ask if she wants to go or not

Jun: helloww, er...wanna go subang or sunway just to have a bit of dinner? laparla
SY: dinner? jun? dinner??? its 11 pm. what have you been doing hmm??
Jun: alaaaa i couldnt drive coz i had no keys.
SY: adoi, i'm in Bar Celona now.
Jun: oooh, with who?
SY: my sister and friends
Jun: ooho which sister?
SY: haha the other one, not THAT one jun.
Jun: okay...tehee

2. While picking up the boys, wth, my car just went like crazy. normally it would be slow coz of the boys, but dayum, the throttle response was really good. Maybe coz it was a cold night, my air intake prefers colder air.

3. My parents went to a wedding last night, and the brides sister..

is Camelia!!!!

Camelia sang at the wedding. maaaaaaaannn why did i not get invited?
She's so hottt!!

4. asking the Ex if she wants to go watch Liv vs Man utd tonight at a newly opened bar. She supports Liverpool. Karin dear I promise to be a gracious winner.

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