Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Full report on Detailing 1st Q2008 (boring for some)

Wednesday 19/3/2008 5.30pm

-did a thorough wash of the car (Gold Class S&C) -dry as usual
-attempted to take the rims off (did not work as tyre shops always screw them on too tightly)
-my reason to take off the rimswas so I can get to the back of the rims AND get to the underside of the car.
-scrap that - next time loh
-wash the rims as they were, with All Wheel Cleaner
-proceeded to clay the roof and hood
-cleaned up and ready for the next day.

Thursday 20/3/2008
-woke up late
-clayed the entire car with Perma Glass #2 Clay
-vacuumed the interior
-ready for Friday

Friday 21/3/2008
-Proceeded to spend almost 20 min taping up the car (this is so that you don't accidentally polish rubber, glass, tiny areas that are hard to reach)
-covered the stripes with newspaper
-set ROB (BOSCH GEX270AE) to speed 2.5.
-Pad: W8006
-damped the pad with some Quik Detailer
-used tiny amounts of Deep Crystal System Paint Cleaner
-worked on for about 1 hour.

-then used another W8006 pad
-used tiny drops (but found out it was too much) of Deep Crystal System Polish
-it dries up too quickly
*Bernard says don't use it like M83, but instead keep buffing it. It shouldnt be so bad if it dries up. and use aruond 5 sen coin size drop.
-done after another hour

-Proceeded to wax
-all done by hand
-NXT Tech Wax
-found that if I used too much it dries up FAST and is so damn hard to wipe off.
-wiped up any remaining dust residue
done after 30 min

Saturday 22/3/08

-woke up at 6
-waxed again with NXT tech wax
-done after 30 min
-took some photos
-done! wheeeeeeeee!!

Lessons learned
-dont let the Tyre shop screw on rims too tight,
-Can use masking tape instead of painters tape.
-only use a little DC2. Apply with Hand. Work in with ROB
-dont apply too much wax. Very hard to wipe off.

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